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Our 10 years of experience have proven that we are more than just a manufacturer. Understanding the customer's requirements and providing the best administrations to them is what makes us different from other companies. Our unit is independent and can perform framing and welding, machining, heat treatment, and chemical testing.

All of our areas of expertise, including those related to acquisition, generation, stock and business sector, deals, and administrations, are fully computerized. This allows for superior inventory management and enables us to provide quick support and excellent item quality. In addition to mechanical hardware, labor is also taken into consideration. Each of our specialists are extremely dedicated and focussed on the customer's requirements. Our laborers are determined to provide quality administration to your specific.

Who we are

Welcome to SRK Steels CORPORATION

SRK Steels is a worldwide modern wholesaler and stockholder of High Nickel Alloy and Super Alloy Materials and partner organizations.

We are dynamic in for all intents and purposes all parts of industry. The client is the center of all exercises of the organization.

SRK Steels was at first set up to give an unrivaled administration, particularly for the stock things, or quick track produce, supplied completely tried to venture details.